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2013 9-29 New Negotiation Approach with N. Korea
2013 7-21 Crystal-balling the U.S. Economy
2013 6-16 Retirement System in Korea
2013-5-12 If I was Economic Advisor to Kim Jung-un

2013-4-18 Editorial on North Korea

2013 4-07 Lifting Dark Clouds of War
2013 3-03 A Game of Chicken between Two Koreas
bullet 01/20/13 - Tale of Prichard pension program
bullet 12/23/12 - Open letter to President elect Park Geun-hye
bullet 11/25/12 - Dynamics of economic impact studies

10/07/12 - 2015 Barack Obama's America


08/19/12 - Is outsourcing so bad?

bullet 07/29/12 - Hyundai Expressway
bullet 07/01/12 - Lawsuits on Workplace Injuries
bullet 06/03/12 - Relations among Koreas and China
bullet 05/14/12 - Global Debt Crisis
bullet 02/05/10 - Korea: From Rags to Riches
bullet12/06/07 - Economy Doesn't Work as the Way Politicians Want to Work
bullet08/15/07 - Koreas Need Give-Take Economic Relations
bullet08/07/07 - What Determines Your Earnings?
bullet07/31/07 - Legal Minimum Wage For Drinking
bullet07/24/07 - No Way of Turning Back Globalization Clock
bullet04/25/07 - Stricter Gun Control Needed
bullet04/17/07 - What Is Corporate Governance?
bullet04/10/07 - Classes in English Uneasy But Will Benefit Students
bullet03/30/07 - FTA: Inconvenient Necessity
bullet03/27/07 - Beauty of Product Differentiation
bullet03/20/07 - How Can You Do Better On Economics Exams?
bullet03/13/07 - Korea Ten Years From Now
bullet02/20/07 - Will North Korea Honor Pledge This Time?
bullet02/13/07 - Benefits From FTA Will Outweigh Costs
bullet02/06/07 - Benefits and Costs of Studying Abroad While Young
bullet01/30/07 - Domestic Violence Entails Economic Costs
bullet01/23/07 - Will Economic Sanctions Have Impact on N. Korea?
bullet08/08/06 - Things to Check Before Buying Homes in US
bullet08/01/06 - What Determines How Much Money You Earn?
bullet07/25/06 - Simple Tips for Daily Business Life
bullet07/18/06 - Working in Day and Taking Classes in Evening
bullet07/14/06 - Dangerous War Game
bullet07/11/06 - Economic Implications of North's Missile Launch
bullet03/27/06 - Myths About Doing Business in Korea
bullet03/21/06 - Measures to Reduce Underground Economy
bullet03/14/06 - Fiscal, Monetary Policies Chart Economic Course
bullet03/07/06 - A Close Look at Gross Domestic Product
bullet02/28/06 - Young People Vulnerable to Internet Crimes
bullet02/21/06 - Many Faces of Exchange Rate Arrangements
bullet02/14/06 - What Will Korea Gain From FTA Deal?
bullet02/07/06 - How Much Economics Do You Need to Know?
bullet01/31/06 - Plugging Gap Between Education, Business Needs
bullet01/24/06 - Economic Costs of Stem Cell Scandal
bullet01/17/06 - Economists Optimistic About 2006 Growth
bullet01/03/06 - Fruit of Free Trade to Be Sweet in Long Term
bullet12/27/05 - Two Stories About Supply and Demand
bullet12/13/05 - Eleven Rules of Living by Bill Gates
bullet12/07/05 - What Is Wrong With European Economy?
bullet12/01/05 - 'Bluebirds' of Korea's Young Generation
bullet10/25/05 - Conditions for Removing 'Korea Discount'
bullet10/18/05 - Economics of North Korean Refugees
bullet10/11/05 - Economic Growth vs. Income Distribution
bullet09/20/05 - The Art of Looking for a Job
bullet08/30/05 - Prisoner's Dilemma and Game Theory
bullet08/23/05 - Would You Drive Carefully Uninsured?
bullet08/16/05 - Foreign Exchange Rate and Big Mac Index
bullet08/09/05 - Free Trade - Mixed Blessing for Countries
bullet08/02/05 - Stock Market - Flower of Capitalism
bullet07/26/05 - The Art of Pricing A Product
bullet07/12/05 - Why Diamonds Are So Highly Valued
bullet07/05/05 - What's Your Favorite MP3 Player?
bullet06/28/05 - Do Japanese Women Want to Marry Korean Men?
bullet06/21/05 - There is No Such Thing as Free Lunch
bullet06/14/05 - Are You Liberal or Conservative?
bullet06/01/05 - Impact of Yuan's Revaluation
bullet05/22/05 - Hyundai Creates Major Economic Impact on Alabama
bullet05/20/05 - Why Chinese Yuan Revaluation Is Likely?
bullet05/03/05 - The Salary Peak System
bullet04/14/05 - Grocery Giants Battle in Atlanta Koreatown
bullet03/07/05 - Hiroshima Ruling
bullet02/25/05 - Confrontation and investment
bullet02/18/05 - [Letters to the President] Helping the Poor
bullet02/01/05 - The Great Tsunami of 2004
bullet01/13/05 - Korean Economy in 2005
bullet12/30/04 - North Korean Human Rights Act
bullet12/27/04 - Countries Engage in Risk Game Over Weakening Dollar
bullet12/20/04 - Negative Economic Forecasts
bullet11/22/04 - Korean Golfers in LPGA Tournament
bullet11/08/04 - The US Economy in 2005
bullet11/04/04 - Bush Unlikely to Give in to North Korean Demands
bullet10/28/04 - Intra-Industry Trade
bullet10/04/04 - Transparency Key to Success of Redenomination
bullet09/20/04 - Hurricane Ivan
bullet09/16/04 - Tax Cut or Increased Spending
bullet08/30/04 - Growth-Distribution Debate
bullet08/11/04 - Export Patterns of Korea, China
bullet07/30/04 - Crazy Import-Export Data
bullet07/15/04 - Resurging Anti-Americanism
bullet07/01/04 - Economies of Korea's Traders
bullet06/22/04 - Stem Cell Research
bullet05/27/04 - Post Impeachment Agenda
bullet05/14/04 - Asia Lagging in Regional Trade Agreements
bullet05/06/04 - Monument for Comfort Women
bullet04/29/04 - Can We Change 'Outsource India' to 'Outsource Korea?'
bullet04/06/04 - Korea Needs to Prepare for US Presidential Election
bullet03/18/04 - Violence Among Family Members
bullet03/05/04 - Declining Manufacturing Jobs
bullet02/17/04 - Economic Reform Slowly But Steadily Moving Ahead
bullet02/10/04 - Some Suggestions for Job Seekers
bullet01/28/04 - Do Attorneys Need Economists?
bullet01/12/04 - Pegging Asian Currencies
bullet12/28/03 - Big Push and the '345 Generation'
bullet12/25/03 - I Hate Spam
bullet12/15/03 - What to Do When Private Development Hurts Neighbors
bullet11/21/03 - Korean LPGA Fighters at Mobile
bullet11/06/03 - Hyundai Alabama's Suppliers and Host Community
bullet10/23/03 - When Will Economy Revive?
bullet10/08/03 - Yuan's Possible Appreciation
bullet09/18/03 - Economic Impact of Typhoon Maemi on Korean Economy
bullet09/07/03 - Sexual Harassment Complaints
bullet08/29/03 - Simple Facts on Labor Relations
bullet08/21/03 - Meddling Fathers of LPGA Golfers
bullet08/07/03 - KAEA Economic Conference
bullet07/30/03 - Sensible Solution to Kim Un-yong v. Pyeongchang
bullet07/07/03 - South Korea Needs New China Strategy
bullet06/19/03 - China's Accession to WTO
bullet06/06/03 - Comfort Women and Forced Labor
bullet05/23/03 - View on Korea's Declining Birthrate
bullet05/13/03 - Real Fabric of US-Korea Economic Relations
bullet05/02/03 - Strong Security Ties Key to Prosperity
bullet05/01/03 - SARS and Korean Economy
bullet04/17/03 - Improving Korea's Image Abroad
bullet04/01/03 - Primer on Employer-Employee Relationship
bullet03/21/03 - Foreign Investors View Roh as Less Business-Friendly
bullet03/16/03 - Economy Needs a Convincing Sense of National Security
bullet02/14/03 - Freedom of the Press and Media Reform
bullet02/05/03 - Anti-Americanism & Economic Consequences
bullet01/22/03 - A Beautiful Mind
bullet01/03/03 - Making Money From the Stock Market
bullet12/26/02 - To Become Successful President
bullet12/05/02 - Korea's 1997 Crisis through the Rearview Mirror
bullet11/25/02 - My Choice of the Korea's Next President
bullet11/10/02 - Southeast US-Korea Economic Conference
bullet10/23/02 - US Economy From an Insider's View
bullet10/18/02 - Economic Implications of NK's Nuclear Weapons Program
bullet09/30/02 - Korea's Flood Management Policy
bullet09/15/02 - Koizumi's Visit to North Korea and the Issue of WWII Victims
bullet09/08/02 - Language Barriers in Air Flights
bullet08/30/02 - Views of Deputy Prime Minister Jeon Yun-churl
bullet08/13/02 - What if I Were Guus Hiddink?
bullet08/09/02 - Property Rights in North Korea
bullet08/04/02 - Market Economy in North Korea?
bullet08/02/02 - Saga of David Chang and Senator Torricelli Nearly Over
bullet07/24/02 - Uses & Abuses of Credit Cards
bullet07/08/02 - How Many More WorldComs?
bullet07/04/02 - Jeong vs. Onoda Cement
bullet07/02/02 - Korean Economy After the World Cup Games
bullet06/25/02 - Patent Protection and Technology Transfer
bullet06/14/02 - How Much Will Korean Unity Cost?
bullet06/13/02 - Forget the Dog Meat; I Like Pigs
bullet06/06/02 - Potential Time Bomb of the North Korean Defector Issue
bullet06/04/02 - Korea Blessed with Many Good Singers
bullet05/28/02 - Labor Market Participation of Married Korean Women
bullet05/28/02 - Around the World in Half An Hour
bullet04/17/02 - Incentive Packages for Hyundai's Plant in Alabama
bullet04/01/02 - Hyundai Motor's Decision Between Hope Hull and Glendale
bullet03/06/02 - Korean Victims of World War II
bullet02/09/02 - Bush Doctrine and Future of Korean Economy
bullet01/27/02 - Proposed Subsidies to Mt.Kumgang Tour Needs Sunset Provision     
bullet01/22/02 - Saga of David Chang and Senator Torricelli
bullet01/09/02 - Nobel Laureate's View on Korean Economy
bullet12/16/01 - Is Korea Ready for Kim Woo-choong's Return?
bullet12/06/01 - Hyundai Motor in Alabama?
bullet11/01/01 - Story of An Old Man Who Drowned
bullet10/26/01 - Rethinking Seoul's Policies for the Homeless
bullet10/03/01 - Korea's Wonderful LPGA Ambassadors
bullet09/28/01 - Korean Air & Asiana Deserve Assistance
bullet09/14/01 - Impact of Attacks on US Beyond Tomorrow
bullet09/02/01 - Is Review of Sunshine Policy Necessary?
bullet08/14/01 - When Will the Slowdown End
bullet07/24/01 - Market Economy Korean Style
bullet07/05/01 - Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises
bullet06/26/01 - Confidence Building Measures for Unification
bullet06/10/01 - American Card in Controversial Japanese Textbook Issue
bullet05/29/01 - Lawsuits Involving Korean Motor Vehicles
bullet05/06/01 - Lawsuits Involving Korean Firms in the United States
bullet04/09/01 - Strange Speech by Chairman Greenspan & Secretary O'Neil
bullet03/04/01 - Harbinger of US-NK Economic Relations
bullet02/08/01 - Money for Unification
bullet01/26/01 - Financial Crisis and Firewall
bullet01/10/01 - Slowing Economy Ahead

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